Welcome to Premium Power

Please take a few moments to read this Site Induction.


To protect the safety, health and welfare of yourself and all other occupants of this building, and to protect the environment, you are required to follow any instruction, verbal or written, relating to safety, health, welfare and the environment during your visit. Please take time to read our OH&S Policy as it encompasses our primary objective of minimising OHS hazards and risks and working toward maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all employees and applicable interested parties. Non-compliance may result in an unsafe working environment, increased injury and accident rates and poor compliance with applicable legal and other requirements. All contractors coming on site must complete this contractor induction and sign the below document and return by email or remotely via link.

Emergency Exit

There is one Emergency Exit to the exterior of the building through the building entrance. Follow the illuminated emergency exit signs on each floor.

If you hear the fire alam

Leave the building immediately and proceed to the Upper Car Park via the metal footbridge across the pond directly in front of the office (The designated assembly point is adjacent to the metal footbridge in the Upper Car Park of the Balbriggan office).

Do not delay to collect any equipment or personal belongings, but do make sure to leave the escape route unobstructed for other evacuees.

Open the emergency exit door to the exterior (office front door) by activating the green break-glass Emergency Door Release in order to secure the door in the ‘open’ position for subsequent evacuees.

Remain at the assembly point until instructed otherwise by Premium Power or the Fire Brigade.

If you discover a fire

Activate the nearest break-glass manual call point, and proceed to the designated assembly point in accordance with the instruction ‘If you hear the fire alarm’ above.

A break-glass manual call point is located adjacent to the emergency exit door on each floor.

Details of work to be undertaken

Before commencing work, the Contractor must inform the Premium Power site contact person fully about the hazards and risks to safety, health and the environment associated with the work to be undertaken. Risk Assessments will be requested for works which could impact on health and safety of employees, visitors and other contractors.

Such information shall at a minimum include details of

  • equipment that will be used (such as step-ladders, power tools, trailing leads etc);
  • materials and substances that will be used; and
  • any work requiring de-energisation of any electrical circuit at a switchboard.

Work Area

Work area should be always kept clean and tidy and clear of hazards. Contractors must don face masks if their work requires them to move through various areas where people are working and the 2 Meter limit cannot be maintained in the course of their work.

  • Always ensure access and egress routes for all three floors are kept clear.
  • Fire extinguishers and Break Glass units are to be kept clear on all floors at all times (BGU located at main exit point on each floor).
  • Fire doors should not be propped in an open position at any time.
  • Work areas will be left clean and tidy and clear of debris with all waste material disposed in the correct manner.

Waste Disposal

All waste material deposited on these premises shall be segregated, at a minimum, into the following streams for disposal

  • Paper, cardboard, plastic, metal cans
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)(incl batteries)
  • Other hazardous waste
  • Non-hazardous non-recyclable (food waste etc)

First Aid locations are denoted by the following Sign:

Main Office: Kitchenette on the First Floor of the Main Office

Dublin Office: Main Office Area

Incident Reporting

All safety and health related incidents (including accidents, ‘near-miss’ incidents) shall be reported as soon as practicable after the incident to a member of Premium Power staff.

Continual Improvement

If you have any suggestions which may contribute to the continual improvement of our OHSMS, please raise them with the primary Premium Power contact directly.

Please sign record below or Log Book to acknowledge that you have read the contractor induction and are willing to adhere to the outlined controls