Over the past decade we have trained hundreds of electrical and non-electrical workers in electrical safety. We offer courses aimed at different expertise levels that can be delivered at your facility or outside it. Our courses have been developed in response to the changing corporate demands of large facilities and the needs of their employees. Offering full day or half day courses we can tailor content to deliver training in line with your facility’s particular needs. As registered training providers with Engineers Ireland and CPD we can issue certificates of completion and CPD points on all our courses.

A full list of all our training courses can be found here.


Our Arc Flash training programme is one we are most well known for. As the leading experts in the field we provide thorough training coupled with real life examples and mitigation solutions. Attendees leave our events confident that they now know everything about arc flash. Some feedback we have received from previous events include:

“Premium Power delivered one of the best seminars I have attended in a very long time. The venue was excellent and most of all, the speakers were extremely credible with and excellent knowledge of their subject matter”

“The personal follow up calls from the staff and engineers reflected well on their dedication to help improve electrical safety in our industry. It is good to know I can rely on them for some back-up, and they they’re at the other end of the line for advice and guidance”

“Helped me to raise my knowledge and legal requirements around arc flash and electrical safety”


Since Covid-19 is temporarily preventing us from hosting more training sessions like these we have adapted and improved so that we can now provide all our training online. We can have open group sessions or private sessions just for your facility. Just like before we can tailor courses to suit your particular needs and on a date and time that suits you.  Since lockdown required us all to work remotely we have been hosting webinars that give an introduction to the full training programme. They have been a great way for us to test out the best software to host our online training, what format works, timings etc so we are not ready to provide the full programme.


Electrical safety training helps to:

  • prevent potential accidents and fatalities
  • educate workers to spot and take action against potential electrical faults and accidents
  • keep up to date with best practices
  • contribute to a safer work environment
  • make aware the dangers surrounding arc flash and how to handle them
  • dispel myths around lesser known electrical dangers
  • implement the correct safety practices



All workers coming into contact with electrical networks should have up to date electrical safety training. If electrical networks are being altered or upgraded then refresher courses should be considered for even the most experienced electrical operatives and professionals to ensure they are on top of the latest health and safety guidelines and best practices.


You can make an enquiry through our website here.

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Or simply call us on +353 1 810 5032 and we will be happy to discuss which training programme best suits your needs.