As large energy consumers push to reduce their energy consumption, the introduction of energy saving technologies, tools and programmes is widespread. What many consumers may not realise is that energy saving programmes and devices can have a negative effect on the power quality within the network.

Gone unchecked, poor power quality can lead to unplanned production downtime. Watch our short video on power quality on energy management and power quality.


Some of the main facets of poor power quality include harmonic distortion, short/long power interruptions, transients, surges, flicker, unbalance, under/over voltages and EMC issues.

Common causes of power quality problems can be directly linked to a concentrated use of variable speed drives, diode bridges, non-detuned capacitor banks, and electronic lighting ballasts. This type of equipment is commonly installed in manufacturing facilities to reduce electrical energy consumption. With increasing use of electronic loads which are sensitive to minute power fluctuations, unplanned outages may cost a plant more in the long term than the potential savings in power consumption that the energy management programme hoped to achieve.

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