The past couple of months have been a difficult time for all businesses, and we are no exception. Thankfully, what we do and the systems and processes we have in place has allowed us to easily adjust to working from home without impacting the quality of service we can provide.

Some Of Our Services

With restrictions and social distancing guidelines in place, we have however had to adjust how we conduct our site surveys.

As a critical phase in our projects, if performed incorrectly it can negatively impact the success of a project. Having accurate data from a detailed site survey provides us with the information we require for:

  • Commissioning of new equipment
  • Review of existing electrical equipment for accurate system modelling, project management and asset management.

With that in mind we set out to find a tool that allowed us to continue carrying out this vital stage to the same high standards we had prior to Covid-19, but that also meant we could abide by social distancing guidelines keeping our engineers and our clients safe. 

While there are a number of asset and drawing management softwares out there we have found one that works best for us. In the hands of our experienced engineers it can be invaluable to our clients as well.

How it Works

Prior to going onsite our engineers can upload the single line drawings (SLD’s), provided by the client, and allocate any tasks or questions they might have. Once onsite, using a mobile device, they can conduct the site survey as normal marking up the SLD’s, taking pictures of equipment and making notes of any nonconforming items, all in real time.

The Benefits

  • Surveys can be conducted in a shorter period of time, meaning engineers are spending less time on site and maintaining social distancing. 
  • Information is gathered and stored in real time allowing two engineers to simultaneously work on the same project from different locations, reducing the need for several engineers to be onsite at once.
  • Discrepancies or concerns with SLD’s not reflecting the physical site can be resolved at the location, adjusted and corrected so there is no need to revisit the site.
  • Drawing updates can be marked up and emailed directly from location in real time. Collaboration with people working remotely is easier and faster. 
  • All asset data is stored in one place and can be easily accessed in the field. 

To learn more about the services we provide click here. Alternatively contact us with any queries and concerns from your site and our engineers can talk you through the best option for you.