Proper installation of your energy and power meters is essential to ensure accurate measurement of your site’s activity. This information can be used to identify faults, where savings on costs and improvements to efficiency can be made ensuring you have a safe and reliable power system. One of the benefits of purchasing your meters from us is that we offer a complete package from installation to commissioning and maintenance. Below is a quick overview of how we approach the installation of an energy and power meter.

Selecting the Installation Location

Choosing the right location for installing the power and energy meter is crucial. We take into consideration the following factors:

  1. Accessibility: Is there easy access for maintenance and reading of the meter?
  2. Safety: Is the location secure and free from hazards such as water, excessive heat, or mechanical damage?
  3. Proximity to Electrical Panel: Ideally we want to position the meter as close to the main electrical panel as possible to facilitate easy wiring and connection.

Selecting the Installation Location

Proper wiring and connection are essential for accurate meter readings and safe operation. We take into account the below for safe installation:

  1. Turn off the main power supply before beginning the installation to prevent electrical hazards.
  2. Use appropriately sized wires and connectors suitable for the meter’s specifications.
  3. Follow the wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer to connect the meter to the electrical panel.
  4. Double-check all connections to ensure they are secure and properly insulated to prevent short circuits or electrical faults.

Configuring Meter Settings

Once the meter is installed and wired, it’s time to configure the settings for accurate measurement and monitoring. The easiest way to do this is through PME our power monitoring system. By integrating the meters into PME we can track and monitor not only the meters performance but metrics like:

  1. Voltage, current, and power factor.
  2. Identify faults or prevent faults
  3. Utility usage
  4. Renewable power generation

Testing and Calibration

Before putting the meter into service, we perform testing and calibration to ensure accuracy and reliability. Using known data we can measure and compare the meter readings, making adjustments where necessary until we are satisfied and can validate the accuracy of the meter readings.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Once the meter installation is complete and calibrated, it is essential to establish a routine monitoring and maintenance schedule. Using PME software we can monitor the meter performance and identify any abnormalities or issues that need to be addressed. We also recommend scheduling periodic maintenance which can include cleaning, inspections, and calibration.

Proper installation of a power and energy meter is essential for accurate measurement of electricity usage and effective energy management. By having us install and commission the meter you can ensure that your meter is installed correctly, calibrated accurately, and ready to provide valuable insights into power consumption in your facility. We prioritise safety throughout the installation process and can collaboration with your onsite electricians if needed.

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