How much do your solar panels reduce your carbon footprint?

With increased focus on CO2 reduction, data centres, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing & utility industries continue to receive pressure to introduce solutions such as onsite generation, energy storage for backup, redundancy, and carbon output management. Adopting an energy generation solution like solar panels can make managing your electrical system more complex.

A power monitoring system (PMS) provides an easy way to automatically retrieve and analyze data across your entire network, providing a complete overview of activities, so that you can make informed decisions. It is customizable and can automatically raise the alarm of significant events with the potential to cause damage within your facility.

Power Monitoring Expert (PME) by Schneider Electric, is the PMS we use and recommend as it is the most powerful energy and power quality management system. It is a highly intelligent system; allowing you to understand event causes with advanced power forensics, identify patterns, monitor protection settings, and track system capacity to avoid overloads.

Some of its many features include:

  • Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Safety
  • Cyber Security
  • Alarm Management
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Waveform recording/analysis of PQ events
  • Viewing live and archived power quality measurements.
  • Customisation


This is our forte; we can create dashboards, electrical system overview diagrams , power and energy reports, trend analysis, custom alarms and more to get you the data you require. 

A recent example of this is a client who wanted to see how much energy their solar panels were producing. They were focused on the visual flow of the power, rather than just following the conventional route of displaying the kilowatt hour (kWh) measurements. They requested to see, in an easy to read dashboard, what the energy being produced equivalates to in terms of

  • Electric Vehicles charged
  • Trees saved
  • Devices charged (laptops, phones, etc)
  • And CO2 emissions reduced

Our Solution

We were able to develop this dashboard to meet their requirements.

slide 1
Image Slide 2
section 1
Section 1 : Contains the energy performance of the solar panels, and what each area of the site is consuming.
Image Slide 3
Section 2 : Shows daily, weekly and lifetime key performance metrics including total power produced, solar energy consumptions and what that relates to in terms of income.
section 3
Section 3: This is where the energy equivalents are displayed, these are specific to this particular client's requirements but can also be compared to any other electrical equipment or environmental metrics.
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Why choose us to install and maintain your PME?

Premium Power is one of the few companies to achieve the coveted EcoXpert Master Partner status from Schneider Electric for our Critical Power systems and solutions. We are experts in designing and deploying energy management systems, implementing advanced metering networks, and power quality management. We assist large and critical sites with managing energy costs, improving the reliability of their electrical systems, and optimizing equipment performance.

To get started with seeing real metrics and the value of your solar generation, request a phone consultation here, or request a demo from one of our experts.