Graduate Power Engineering Programme 

In this digital age with the proliferation of electronic devices and smart grid developments there has never been such a need for power engineers with strong skills in power quality problem identification and mitigation. Premium Power’s Graduate Development Programme gives recent graduates in electrical engineering the opportunity to start their career as power engineers in a supportive and challenging environment.

Premium Power has developed this scheme to optimise the potential of all new recruits starting their career with Premium Power. It is a comprehensive system to ensure the necessary skill development for our permanent full time engineers.

The 24 month programme focuses on development of power engineering skills by technical and personal development training as well as on the job project assignments. At the end of the second year many of these apprentices will be given the opportunity to continue on a programme towards chartered engineer. This may or may not require further education.  This is part of Premium Power’s commitment to personal and professional development of our valued team.

Graduate Training and Development
All graduates, when they join, will be provided with a detailed individual Graduate Training and Development plan as detailed below:

• Induction training
• Entry level (introductory) level training

• Technical training

  • Entry level technical training/syllabus per discipline
  • Engineering area specific detailed training

Areas: power quality event analysis, harmonic analysis, earthing arrangements, mitigation solution design, electrical system modelling, electrical networks – design, topology, components, reliability- components and risks, energy management systems

• Personal development training e.g.:

  • report writing,
  • presentation skills,
  • effective decision making, etc.

• Business development skills

  • client relationship management
  • project management
  • financial management
  • decision making

Specific degree subjects required
• Electrical Engineering (Level 8 or 9), 2.1 / 1.1 Hons Degree

Skills and qualities
• Sound mathematical and technical skills
• Strong IT capability
• Ability to think methodically, to design, plan and manage projects.
• Ability to maintain an overview of entire projects while continuing to attend to detailed technicalities.
• Good team-working, negotiating, supervisory and leadership skills combined with the ability to delegate.
• Creativity and problem solving skills
• A self-starter who looks for opportunities to develop
• Commercially focussed
• Proven interest in technical advancements
• Good work ethic
• Industrial trade qualification (Electrician) would be an advantage

North County Dublin – some travel within Ireland and Europe necessary for project specific experience

Vacancy type

Application Procedure
Email CV and cover letter to

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