What is it?

This EU directive (Article 8) is designed to encourage large enterprises to focus on their energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and multiple benefits of energy efficiency.

Are you affected?

Do you employ over 250 people? or have an annual turnover of over €50 Million with an annual balance sheet exceeding €43 Million? if so then you are affected by this new directive and must comply with it by the deadline.

How long do you have?

The deadline for compliance is 5 December 2019 To reach this, you need to submit an energy audit report that meets all national requirements.
The audit must meet this criteria

  • It must be based on 12 months’ verifiable data
    The data must:

– be for a continuous period- begin no more than 24 months before the start of the energy audit
– not have been used as the basis for an energy audit in a previous compliance period

  • It must analyze the participant’s energy consumption and
    energy efficiency
  • It must identify energy saving opportunities

PME 9.0

Large scale manufacturers and processes have come around to the benefits of incorporating power monitoring systems as part of their process control as well as the standard building management systems.

PME 9.0 is the most advanced, flexible and powerful Power Monitoring system available on the market today. Read more about Premium Power’s offering here.

PME 9.0 facilitates applications in the broad categories of:

(a) energy performance,

(b) power availability, quality and reliability, and

(c) sustainability performance. At a high level, the feature-set shall provide functions in:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Alarming and event management
  • Energy cost analysis
  • Energy, power, and sustainability data analytics and visualization

These systems can be certified for use as a part of an ISO50001 programme and verifiably support compliance. In addition, the functionality shall support ongoing ISO50001 programs per the following areas of Section 4 of the ISO standard: Energy review, Energy baseline, Energy performance indicators, Monitoring, measurement, and analysis and Input to management reviews.

We commission and verify energy and power systems for compliance with EN 16247-1 for energy audits.

PME Energy Consumption Screens