EcoXpert Partners
Certified Critical Power Masters
Premium Power is one of the few companies to achieve the coveted EcoXpert Master Partner status from Schneider Electric for our Critical Power Systems and solutions. Receiving this certification demonstrates our expertise in designing and deploying energy management systems, implementing advanced metering networks, power quality management, and world-class software tools to assist large and critical sites to manage energy costs, improving the reliability of their electrical systems and optimise equipment performance.
We have a wide range of power quality meters that we can supply, fit and commission. These include Schneider ION meters, elspec and PQube
Integrate your power quality meters into PME to get the most from your investment, with total site overview and asset management.
Power Monitoring Expert
Our power monitoring system
PME is the total package for power system monitoring and asset management. Monitoring, analysing, and reporting on equipment around your site. PME gives you total control and oversight of your facility.
Simplify reporting and compliance with energy efficiency and green building standards EN 16247-1 and DS3 System Services.
Manage assets in real-time with access to master records for quick troubleshooting and decision-making.
Integration with your renewable on-site power generation for easy management and control.
Energy & Power Quality Meters
As certified EcoXperts by Schneider Electric and as the first to introduce the ION brand of power quality meters in Ireland we have become experts in sourcing, installing and analysing the energy and power activities of our customers sites. We offer a wide range of niche metering solutions to suit any need you may have.
Schneiders range of ION meters are robust, customisable devices with many variations to suit any need you may have.
The PQube 3 is a compact, cost-effective, modular device that can detect a whole range of power quality issues.
Elspec power quality analysers are equipped with the revolutionary PQZIP patent algorithm for continuous waveform recording.
DS3 Monitoring & Reporting
Under DS3, renewable energy producers are required to monitor and provide comprehensive reporting on their power production to EirGrid or SONI. The report must provide detailed figures in a number of areas which are explained below. Due to the fluctuations associated with renewable production financial incentives are offered to those who can prove their compliance, balance these fluctuations and meet the demand on the grid.
Under the arrangements of DS3 you may use or install metering equipment to prove your compliance.
The software can automatically produce reports for you and can issue them directly to EirGrid if you require.
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Monitoring the energy and power activity at your site can provide you with invaluable information on where savings on costs, and improvements to efficiency can be made ensuring you have a safe and reliable power system.

As the first to introduce the ION range of meters in Ireland, and with EcoXpert certification, we consider ourselves experts in metering devices providing bespoke solutions that meet any requirements you may have.

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ION 9000

PM 8000

PM 5000


Power Monitoring Expert (PME) is our fully customisable power monitoring system & asset management tool. Get instant real-time data on power usage, monitor any renewable power generation you have on-site, utilities, power quality events, UPS systems, and much more. From the main dashboard, you can navigate around your site accessing SLD’s, reports, and asset documentation. It gives you the ability to drill down into the data further to identify issues and their cause to ensure better decision-making.

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solar panels
case study

The client came to us with a requirement to see the output their onsite solar panels were producing and where that power was being used.

case study

A network of high-end metering devices was set up around the site to monitor and analyse energy usage.

esb ds3
case study

ESB Generation and Trading can now demonstrate their compliance with EirGrid's DS3 services on a site-by-site basis.

utility monitoring
case study

This highly dynamic site now meets its efficiency targets while the electrical and utility systems operate at a level of 'power needs' only.

ds3 bess
case study

This client approached us wanting to introduce a BESS into their network to store the energy being produced by their renewable sources so that they could then either use this power onsite or export back to the grid.

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