This training course provides essential guidance to employers, managers and OHS practitioners on how to discharge their responsibilities in relation to electrical safety at work.

Learning objectives

Understanding of:

  • The dangers of electricity, including notably arc flash, in relation to worker safety and the wider business
  • The fundamentals of how people perceive risk, and how to influence behaviour
  • The legal duties imposed on employers, the self-employed, designers and employees relating to the use of electricity at work
  • Their organisation’s and their own individual liabilities under criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages
  • The applicability of Irish and globally-recognised standards and guides to electrical risk assessment and risk control, including Safety health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, General Application Regs Part 3 Electricity 2007, ET206 2009 The Management of Electrical Safety at Work
  • The comprehensive 4P approach to electrical risk assessment and risk control, including electrical arc flash.

Who should attend

Employers, managers with responsibility to any extent for the operation and/or maintenance of electrical plant, and OHS practitioners.

Why participate in this course?

Electrical infrastructure is central to every business, and so electrical workers engage on a daily basis in a variety of highly dangerous work activities from installation, commissioning, switching, fault-finding, repairing and maintaining electrical equipment. They often do so simply on the basis that they are qualified electricians. That is not to speak of the role of apprentice electricians.

Employers, managers with responsibility to any extent for the operation and/or maintenance of electrical installations, and OHS practitioners have particular and onerous responsibilities in relation such work.

In the first instance, they must understand that accident records are rarely a reliable indicator of the risk to which workers are exposed. Crucially, they must also realise that electrical workers are not competent merely on the basis of having attained the obligatory nationally recognised craft qualification and having experience of electrical work. Electrical workers must also have a thorough understanding of the hazards which can arise during their work, not least arc flash hazards, and the necessary precautions to be observed.

Therefore, it is essential that all those with management responsibility in this area of operations are fully appraised of their responsibilities, and do not seek to delegate this responsibility to others merely on the basis that they are more technically qualified. This is particularly applicable to OHS practitioners who are often generalists.

Course duration

One day

Gain CPD points

CPD points may be claimed on completion

How to book

Call +353 (0)1 810 5032 or email seminars@premium-power.com