The Delivering a Secure, Sustainable Electricity System (DS3) programme was introduced by EirGrid (ROI) and SONI (NI) to help Ireland meet its national and EU targets of increasing the amount of renewable energy on the Irish power system. They are responsible for enabling these increased levels while continuing to ensure the system operates securely and efficiently.

Previously we relied heavily on synchronous generation, such as coal, oil and gas. It produces the same amount of electricity every time making it reliable, predictable and easy to bring onto the grid. Non-synchronous generation such as wind and solar, produces a different amount of electricity depending on the energy available. This makes it less reliable, and more difficult to bring onto the grid.

Because of this it is essential for targets and expansion plans that EirGrid understand the capability and compliance of all renewable producers connected to the grid with respect to Grid Codes, their registered technical operating characteristics and their capability to provide the contracted levels of System Service provision. This requires participation from all connected plants and enhanced performance monitoring capabilities.

As set out in the DS3 Arrangements, to facilitate performance monitoring you can use or install metering equipment and monitoring equipment to prove your compliance with the relevant DS3 system services. This monitoring equipment needs to be able to collect the data required and produce reporting all while being compliant with the standards set out by EirGrid. These standards can be found in more detail here.

Our metering equipment is fully customisable and an ideal solution to help you meet these obligations. More information can be found on our services page.

Due to the fluctuations associated with renewable production financial incentives are offered to those who can show their compliance, balance these fluctuations and meet the demand on the grid. So, it is within the interests of all renewable producers to ensure they are participating and fully complying with DS3.

So far the DS3 programme has enabled EirGrid to increase levels of renewable generation on the system from 50% to 65%. This is a world-first and the aim to increase this gradually to 75% over the coming years –EirGrid Group

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