With mounting pressure on our data centres, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing & utility industries, coupled with increased focus on CO2 reduction, solutions such as onsite generation, energy storage for backup, redundancy and carbon output management have made electrical systems more complex. In order to design, manage and maintain these electrical systems more informed decisions need to be made, and fast. 

One of the latest innovations that can help with this process is digital twin software. This is a modelling software that can be used to develop a simulation model of your electrical system which provides a real time platform to plan, design, visualise, analyse, predict, control, and provide insight on management and performance of your electrical power systems.

With design and build phases getting shorter and stages overlapping, having the ability to simulate the behavior of your electrical assets will ensure you take into consideration the complex behaviour of the assets in your power system network while still optimising the design as changes are occurring.

Using the latest in metering technology to gather information, we collect real-time data from your site and develop a comparison with the simulation model for you. We can then subject the model to any number of physical or operation scenarios predefined by you to see how the network will react.

This gives you a bird’s eye view of what is going on in your electrical system enabling you to:

  • Solve issues before they cause unwanted behaviour 
  • Validate design decisions
  • Optimise electrical system operations
  • Avoid potential costly errors later

It goes beyond an integrated engineering analysis tool to provide an active blueprint of the electrical system that offers automated rule-based design, model-driven predictive analysis, combined with real-time analytics, asset performance monitoring, intelligent controls and more.

 This service has proven to add value throughout the entire lifecycle of complex electrical systems ensuring: 

  • Shortened design time
  • Validation & transition of digital twin model to operations
  • Early decision support
  • Identification of operation problems & their cause
  • Accelerated engineer & operator training
  • Asset performance monitoring & optimization

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