Developed by us, Decision Metrix is a web enabled intelligent compliance monitoring tool used to support decision making and to address the challenges of the modern day power grid.


Electrical Utilities have one common concern, maintaining the quality of supply to the customer. Power Quality problems at a network level can have significant and expensive consequences, with estimated costs (direct and consequential) that range from $118 billion to $188 billion in the US per annum and to exceed €150 billion in the EU per annum.

According to industry consultants many utilities are addressing power quality in an ad hoc manner. This means resolving problems as they become apparent to customers through interruptions or machine failure.

We were approached by ESB Networks to develop a network management tool as they were facing unprecedented challenges with the impact of large scale integration of renewable generation sources to its network. The have a constant need to manage and maintain high Power Quality standards across their network, and wanted to understand how it was performing against these challenges and ideally to identify problem areas before they became significant.


ESB Networks has two Power Quality monitoring systems deployed. The first was the ION system from Schneider and the second was the Unipower system from Unipower LLC.  ESB wanted to unify the data generated from both these systems in order to provide a comprehensive view of their network. They wanted a system which would enable compliance against EN50160 and their own internal network standards to be continuously evaluated. Finally they wished to understand where problem areas existed and where they were emerging.

Our team proposed a web enabled, modular, vendor neutral platform with a rules engine that was flexible enough to deal with specifics from across the power engineering domain. ESB loved the idea and Decision Metrix was born.


Decision Metrix delivers strong business benefits to the network operator in the area of Power Quality Network performance.

Reduced Manpower and time
Improved performance is possible with less effort. Decision Metrix identifies compliance failures in significantly less time than previous labour intensive methods of management.

Improved Network performance
Identifying Network issues ahead of time is a significantly better way to manage network Power Quality. The impact of Power Quality problems can be very costly. Early and in some cases preemptive identification of issues has offered very clear ROI.

Ensure Network Compliance
Identifying and demonstrating network compliance with standards is becoming a more and more significant requirement to network operators. Decision Metrix has used its powerful reporting mechanism to demonstrate network compliance to vendor specific Power Quality standards..

ESB Networks -Grid Power Quality Solution

ESB Networks is the Distribution System Operator in the Republic of Ireland. They needed help supplying and supporting a country wide power quality and power monitoring solution. 10 years on and we are still maintaining and managing the network, which of this size has presented unique communication and configuration challenges.

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"Integration with third party systems can be very challenging for data quality. Understanding the quality of the data used to measure compliance is critical."

Alan O'KellyDirector


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