Custom Software with our ION Power Quality Meters

Here at Premium Power we use Schneider Electric’s ION power quality meters to create custom software for complex engineering problems. 

The main ION capable power meters are the:




Using these meters our engineers can create custom software in the form of  frameworks that can be used to solve technical issues and produce specialized reporting.

Some of our most popular solutions include:

  • Heatmaps – A heatmap is a handy way of visualizing the harmonic activity occurring at your site. With a little customization, our ION power meters can evaluate harmonic distortion on the network and convert it into an easy-to-understand heatmap. You get total transparency over your site and can pinpoint exact locations that are experiencing high harmonics.
  • Control of Renewables – Embedding on-site power generation into a power distribution system needs to be controllable and react to the requirements of the load. By applying control logic to a power quality meter at the wind turbine we can create a system that will ensure you have a reliable power supply and control built-in. You get total transparency over how much electricity is being generated on-site and where it is being used.
  • DS3 Monitoring & Reporting – One of the key areas in the DS3 Programme is System Services, where power generators are required to monitor and provide reporting with financial incentives for better plant performance. Our programmed ION power meters automatically detect any DS3 events, logging the data for compliance as set out by the DS3 requirements. A DS3 software report is automatically generated proving your compliance, which can be issued directly to EirGrid if you require. Everything is automated so you can prove you meet your requirements without increasing your workload, and benefit from, the financial incentives.

Everything is accessible through your PME dashboard which is completely customizable to meet the requirements you have. ( see an example of a custom dashboard for a recent client)

With this technology and our expertise the possibilities are endless.

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