Windfarm Harmonics & Connection Compliance

A new power quality requirement by EirGrid for the connection of windfarms to the transmission network saw Premium Power undertake a harmonic compliance study for a 58MW windfarm in Ireland’s midlands being brought on stream by one of the country’s leading renewable companies.

The Challenge

The new Eirgrid requirements see a more in-depth harmonic analysis required to take account of possible switching or grid configuration changes upstream and to help future proof windfarm connections as more renewables come on stream. To meet the requirements as laid down by EirGrid, the client needed to produce a detailed harmonic analysis. The combination of the high number of impedance values and the wind farm switching scenarios meant that a large amount of data had to be processed and analysed. Specialist software, programming and expertise was required to complete this.

How we Helped

Premium Power modelled the wind farm in detail to help inform the harmonic analysis. This involved implementing the transmission LOCI impedances using DIgSILENT /PowerFactory software and calculating the results. These results were assessed against the allocated voltage distortion limits provided by EirGrid. LOCI diagrams with colour coding, required to represent the voltage distortion at each possible system impedances, were also produced and provided to the client.

“The analysis required to meet with EirGrid’s new power quality requirements is detailed and highly specialised. Premium Power have both the experience of delivering on power quality projects and the expertise with our highly skilled engineers. This was an interesting project to work on, taking in the number of scenarios that had to be calculated. In this case we were able to provide a solution and ensure the client did not face potential harmonic resonance issues further down the line.” 
George Mokl, Electrical Engineer

The Result

Premium Power undertook and completed a comprehensive harmonic analysis of this wind farm, that ensured the client could meet its obligations under the new EirGrid requirements. The results identified a number of distortion breaches. Premium Power designed a suitable passive filter to eliminate those breaches and ensure full harmonic grid compliance. This allowed the customer to deliver a reliable and cost effective solution compatible with transmission operator guidelines.

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