Power Quality During An Electrical Expansion With A Semiconductor Manufacturer

The Challenge

This facility was undergoing an expansion and detailed characteristics of loads were not available. The size and complexity of the system required an in-depth interrogation of power quality and energy metering system, analysis of historical/future load, harmonic data, equipment types and network configurations. This was necessary to create a software model of the upgraded site and predict harmonic emissions at the point of common coupling. When sizing and developing specification for the passive filter design required, Premium Power had to account for changes in impedance (due to network switching), space constrains and environmental conditions.

How we Helped

Premium Power predicted level of harmonic currents at the main MV distribution and specified a passive harmonic filter suitable for the level of predicted distortion, to mitigate against any adverse effects on the plant equipment, as well as to comply with future planning requirements for harmonic emissions set out by the utility provider. This resulted in high cost savings coming from increased system performance and prevented penalties from utility provider, relating to low power factor and high harmonic contribution.

“Our extensive power quality and harmonic analysis of the electrical distribution network allowed execution of a detailed and efficient design, which was successfully implemented by the customer.”
Michal Sopocko, Senior Electrical Engineer

The Result

Premium Power supplied a filter design which was subsequently installed. Total harmonic voltage distortion across the MV part of the network was maintained at 3%, allowing compliance with IEC61000-6-3 limits and preventing future failures of critical devices, reducing the energy losses due to excessive currents and extending lifespan of mission critical power equipment.


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