Pharmaceutical – utility monitoring and power quality

The Challenge – utility monitoring and power quality

Premium Power were originally contacted in 2005. The client uses highly sensitive equipment in its manufacturing processes resulting in a necessity to monitor all aspects of power quality.   These included, monitoring harmonic distortion, power factor sags and swells, transient disturbances and energy efficiency.

Later as the site expanded resulting in much greater capacity and as compliance and regulatory requirements increased, so too did the client’s need to monitor all utility information and this brought water, air, gas and steam into the project as well as electricity.

Our Solution

We designed and supplied a tailored solution that integrated utility (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity and Steam) data as well as powerful power quality information. This allowed the client to gather all the relevant utility statistics as well as identify and prioritize power quality event data.

We provided the client with powerful analytics on all aspects of power and utility usage across the entire manufacturing site. All this data was made accessible in real time from a web client.  The system includes alerts and email notification.

As the sites needs have changed over the years the system has been updated to address the expanding needs of the client. The updated PME system is now a lynch pin of the active energy decision making process.


Powerful Energy and Power Quality Monitoring

The Benefits

This highly dynamic site now meets its efficiency targets while the electrical and utility systems operate at a level of ‘power needs’ only.  Through the collection and continuous monitoring of data power wastage is reduced and inefficiencies identified early.  The client is also provided with a deep level of analytical information which is extremely useful in future site planning and development.

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