PepsiCo – Power Reliability

PepsiCo is the world’s second largest food and beverage company and a world leader in potato based snacks. This newly opened plant needed to ensure a pristine and reliable power supply and take account and prepare for increased production in coming years.

The Challenge

As this newly opened plant holds such a critical role for the wider PepsiCo group it is important that all the process onsite have access to a pristine and reliable power supply. Due to the large amount of non-linear loads installed in modern facilities nowadays power quality can often be compromised. The client wanted to ensure that power within the plant was of the required quality to effectively run their high value processes.

How we helped

Premium Power carried out an extensive power quality study over a weeks period with specialised portable monitoring equipment. The results were analysed to check against all elements of power quality phenomena such as sags/swells, transients, flicker, interruptions etc. Harmonic levels were also compared against the industry standard IEC 61000-2-4 for compliance. A comprehensive report was issued to the client displaying all the relevant information from the monitoring period and recommendations for future action. .

“Premium Power's in depth knowledge of power quality is unparalleled. The implementation of an annual power quality healthcheck into our maintenance programme allows us to benchmark trends over time. This is vital as the plant expands to decipher if power quality mitigation will be required. We would have no hesitation in recommending Premium Power for all aspects of power quality."
Michael Radley, Engineer on behalf of PepsiCo

The Result

This plant is expecting to see an increase in load in the coming years due to ramp up in production. The results of this power quality study will provide PepsiCo with a benchmark to ensure that future plant alterations will not impact on their studies. It is the intention of the client to carry out an annual power quality study as part of their electrical maintenance program as the network changes and grows over time

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