Parker Pneumatics – Electrical Safety Programme

To achieve the company’s corporate gold standard for safety, Parker, a leading pneumatics and filtration manufacturer based in Devon, UK embarked on Premium Power’s electrical safety programme. This included power system analysis, training and labelling of all electrical panels on site.


On this site, the client wished to achieve electrical safety compliance with national arc flash legislation while keeping with the company’s corporate health and safety requirements. The company wished to enhance awareness of arc flash hazard throughout their manufacturing facilities. Due to the age of the equipment on site, limited information was available, therefore Premium Power was required to liaise with generator and busbar manufacturers directly. Generator reactance values and busbar impedances were critical in calculating the prospective arc incident energies on site.


A detailed site survey was required to collect all network information. Following the site survey, the electrical distribution network was modelled before detailed prospective arc incident energy calculations were performed. The study involved an assessment of both medium voltage and low voltage equipment, which included an old overhead busbar system. In order to achieve the company’s gold standard accreditation, a full arc flash programme was implemented. This involved arc flash mitigation, labelling of all 3 phase equipment and arc flash awareness training for all technical staff – electrical and mechanical.

"Premium Power were able to call upon their strong industry partnerships to obtain legacy generator reactance information needed to complete the study. This ensured there was no delay in moving forward with the safety programme for the client."
Andrew Hogan, Electrical Projects Lead Engineer


Arc flash results were published for every electrical panel and overhead busbar. There were a number of locations onsite that were identified as areas of high concern and required arc flash mitigation to allow electrical operatives work within the vicinity of these areas safely. Mitigation included recommendations to replace fuses with MCCB’s in order to bring down the incident energy to manageable levels, as well as enhance system reliability.


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