Maximising Investments in Energy Monitoring Systems

We worked directly with a high containment Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility and implemented a new Energy Monitoring System to add monitoring of the incoming power to the site as well as monitoring transformer performance to aid in the decision making process.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility
Implementation of a new Energy Monitoring System to help in decision making
Sligo, Ireland

The Challenge

This large manufacturing facility were investing in an energy monitoring system but wanted to ensure that a suitable level of power monitoring was incorporated into their new system.  As this was a very busy site with no dedicated resources available to analyse the power usage the system needed to be setup for automated alerting and reporting of key power events and their possible effect on the process and sensitive loads.

How we Helped

For large energy consumers or generators and particularly those with sensitive loads we recommend that the site incomer is equipped with an advanced power quality device with revenue certified power measurements. The devices can be managed by its native power management software and data made available for multiple users using websites, automated and event-based reporting, databases and even through the device’s own control capabilities.

The energy monitoring system was equipped with check power quality metering on the site incomer which monitored the utility supply against the EN50160 standard while also monitoring transformer performance by monitoring transformer losses by tracking HV energy supply from the utility and MV energy from the site metering.

The Premium Power engineers are very professional, very flexible and very thorough from a Health & Safety perspective (enquired about permits required etc).  All requirements of the system were met. The system installed is very good and used daily to check power quality (harmonics etc) as well as giving us our automated energy tends and reports.  
Site Electrical & Instrument Engineer

The Result

The system installed for energy monitoring and reporting was also used for power monitoring at the site incomers and ensuring that the quality of supply from the utility was being monitored and tracked against standards for power quality required for sensitive loads.  The additional monitoring of transformer performance helped decision making for preventative maintenance and as a warning system of equipment degradation.

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