Generator Feasability Study

The Challenge

This pharmaceutical facility had recently introduced a new production process which required a reliable, mission critical electrical supply. The company had a robust electricity supply but due to the requirements of new pharmaceutical processes, it was determined that an even more reliable electricity supply was required. A full evaluation was required to determine a suitable connection point that could be utilised for the connection of the emergency generator. The Client also required the installation to be conducted on a phased basis.

How we Helped

Premium Power conducted an extensive survey of the electrical distribution system. A model of the facility was developed and utilised to determine the anticipated network fault levels. The assessment highlighted the possibility of faults >100kA occurring. Fault levels greater than 100kA require a higher specification of switchgear that is capable of handling large fault currents to be installed, which increases the overall project cost.

“It was anticipated that fault currents were going to be high at this facility however when they were found to be >100kA this had implications for the specification of the generator tie in point. A new generator switchboard was required that could handle large fault currents. Using this information we could then confidently select, switchgear that was up to the job.”
Barry Nicholson, Electrical Engineer

The Result

Premium Power ensured that the feasibility study accounted for the switchgear capable of operating during a fault of >100kA. This analysis ensured that the Client would purchase switchgear that is correctly specified.

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