EMC Corporation – Arc Flash Study

The Challenge

The EMC site is quite a large installation, with almost 300 boards to be assessed. A careful evaluation of current onsite documentation was required to ensure there were no gaps and the model could be built accurately. Much of the onsite protection equipment is old, requiring specialised power system modelling capabilities to create.

How we Helped

Premium Power are currently in the process of calculating the arc flash values in Cal/cm2 for every point in the network according to IEEE1584. This will inform the client of the high arc flash areas of the plant where extra precautions will be required in the interim when carrying out live work. Premium Power will then provide the client with recommendations on how to mitigate against these high levels.

"This is a good example of one of the many arc flash studies we carry out in a year. We also provide arc flashing training on site and training events open to specialists working in electrical engineering and maintenance throughout the year. Contact us to find out more."
Andrew Hogan, Senior Electrical Engineer

The Result

Through the expertise derived from our years of experience, Premium Power will work with EMC to bring all onsite arc flash levels to below 8 Cals/cm2. This is achieved through protection coordination settings changes and/or the specification of certain hardware changes. When the recommended mitigation is implemented the result will be a safer electrical installation for all affected onsite personnel. It will also allow for the wearing of non-intrusive arc flash PPE for electrical workers.

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