Elevated Harmonics Levels

We prevented damaging downtime caused by elevated harmonics levels to a large pharmaceutical plant in the West of Ireland. The plant, which manufactures market-leading medicines, had issues with harmonics and needed to ensure reliability of plant.  As a result of Premium Power’s work, harmonic currents fell from 55% to 16% at the facility.

The Challenge

This pharmaceutical facility had recently introduced a new production process which required a reliable, mission critical electrical supply. The company had experienced previous downtime due to malfunctioning electrical systems. A full evaluation was required to ensure that the facility’s electrical distribution network was functioning as required and could support the new pharmaceutical production equipment.

How we helped

Premium Power conducted an extensive power quality metering assessment with advanced portable devices to identify vulnerable points on the network. The assessment highlighted significant breaches of the voltage harmonic limits for controlled and sensitive equipment as stipulated by the IEC61000-2-4 standard. We modelled the facility’s electrical distribution network using our specialist software analysis programs. The software model was used to size a filtering solution that would mitigate any harmonic issues.



“A drop in harmonic levels from 55% to 16% for this client is an excellent result. We achieved this using our specialist modelling software and our expertise in supplying and commissioning active harmonic filters.”
Andrew Hogan, Senior Electrical Engineer

The Result

Premium Power supplied and commissioned multiple active harmonic filters at the Client’s facility based on our analytical results. Harmonic currents fell from 55% to 16%, thus lowering the level of voltage harmonic distortion, maintaining it within the IEC61000-2-4 limits and preventing future failures of critical devices, such as PLCs and controls.

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