Electrical Safety and Maintenance Review – Kinsale Energy Ltd

Kinsale Energy Ltd operate a natural gas production and storage facility off the coast of County Cork, Ireland. Premium Power was tasked to provide an arc flash hazard analysis, safety training programme and maintenance programme across the utility’s two offshore platforms and one onshore facility.

One of Kinsale Energy’s ferries which operates between both platforms

The Challenge

Kinsale Energy Ltd wished to improve its overall system of safety at its offshore and onshore gas facilities to meet corporate requirements and update standard operating procedures. In Ireland, work off shore is governed by the Safety, Health and Welfare (Offshore Installations) Act, 1987 which specifically states that an offshore installation must have its facilities, equipment and materials maintained to protect persons employed on the installation against dangers arising in relation to their work. The project presented its own challenges due to its location at two platforms 50km at sea on the west coast of Cork – all travel to the site was via helicopter. As part of the pre-requisite operating procedures, all Premium Power team members underwent Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) which involved completing simulated escapes under water and engineers wore survival suits while travelling to Kinsale Energy platforms.

How We Helped

View from Kinsale Energy platform off coast of County Cork

As part of the study, prospective arc flash incident energies were calculated at all electrical panels. Electrical task based risk assessments completed by Premium Power identified the hazards encountered when completing a number of electrical tasks. Recommendations made within the risk assessments were used to further develop the system documentation and procedures through a procedure analysis completed by Premium Power. Staff were then trained in risk management when working on energised electrical panels and learned how to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring. A review of the client’s electrical maintenance and infrastructure was completed. Proposals to improve the overall level of maintenance along with a number of corrective maintenance actions were recommended. Barry Nicholson, Lead Electrical Engineer at Premium Power said: “For a complex facility like Kinsale Energy Ltd electrical efficiency and safety has to be paramount. This project required a number of electrical studies on the electrical safety and electrical network within the facility to help make the facility a safer place to work.”


“Premium Power were engaged to conduct a systematic assessment of electrical safety, design integrity and operability on two offshore gas production platforms and onshore terminal and issue a report with findings. Premium Power are highly proficient and professional in their approach, I found their reports, project deliverables and ARC Flash Awareness Training Course to be a very high standard and very beneficial in improving the overall electrical safety of the facilities and the awareness of our maintenance and production crew to the potential dangers associated with electricity and Arc Flash.”
Pat O'Brien, Control Systems Engineer, Kinsale Energy Ltd

The Result

Premium Power team member on board Kinsale Energy platform

Premium Power undertook and completed a comprehensive review of the electrical safety and electrical network for Kinsale Energy Ltd. As part of the arc flash study, labels identifying the worst-case incident energies have been printed and attached to all electrical panels.

Having completed the arc flash awareness training, employees are now competent to interpret the information contained on these labels and determine the level of risk faced when completing a task. Staff have the knowledge to introduce mitigation techniques to reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring and select appropriate PPE to protect them in the event of an arc flash incident.

As part of the maintenance study corrective actions identified have been implemented on site to improve the overall condition of the electrical equipment. Measures to further improve the level of maintenance across all three locations have also been implemented into Kinsale Energy Ltd maintenance scheduling software.

Recommendations to develop and further strengthen on site documentation and standard operating procedures have been incorporated in Kinsale Energy Ltd documentation. These recommendations are designed to improve existing safety measures when completing electrical tasks and reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.

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