Data centre – Grid compliance

Premium Power worked directly with the multinational data centre engineering team to successfully deliver a grid harmonics compliance study.

The Challenge

Our confidential datacentre client with a rapidly growing fleet of facilities was looking to connect a 70 MW facility to the 110 kV transmission system. Premium Power were tasked with carrying out power quality analysis (harmonics & transformer inrush) at the sites 220 kV PCC to ensure full compliance with the grid requirements. The project also includes power systems analysis (short circuit, protection coordination and arc flash analysis) within the client’s facility to ensure optimum reliability and safety in all fault conditions.

How we Helped

Premium Power developed comprehensive power systems models using two different software types, DIgSILENT (PQ analysis) and SKM (power systems analysis). The project was delivered in two stages;

  • PQ analysis using DIgSILENT to identify VTHD at the 220 kV PCC. The PQ analysis was also used to assess the grid transformers/grids response during transformer start up.
  • Power systems analysis; short circuit calculations were used to assist in the design of both MV & LV protection schemes. Following this prospective arc incident energies were calculated for all 3-phase equipment types.


Premium Power consistently delivered a high quality service under extremely tight time constraints. Feedback from the utility company stated that the grid PQ compliance report was the best they had ever received.
George Mokl, Electrical Projects Engineer

The Result

The PQ analysis showed that the Client was 100% complaint with the requirements set out by the TSO (transmission system operator). This meant there were no delays in grid transformer energisation, which in turn meant the Client was on course to delivering power to the critical load on schedule. The power systems analysis meant the protection schemes were designed to achieve a reliable and safe electrical system – the settings were designed to ensure prospective arc incident energies were minimised while achieving optimum grading on site.

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