Datacentre Build – Grid Connection Studies

Premium Power worked directly with a hyperscale datacentre client designing a datacentre in Europe and ran a number of grid connection analysis studies to determine if the requirements from the country’s TSO were met for grid stability to allow the facility connect to the grid supply.

Key Result
The datacentre was compliant to the TSO requirements and grid connectivity approval was achieved.
120MVA Datacentre

The Challenge

Our client needed to connect their datacentre to the country’s transmission grid and required a number of grid connection studies to show compliance with the TSO requirements & standards.

How We Helped

Analysis studies to determine system response to voltage & frequency variations were considered as well as modelling of expected voltage harmonic distortion. The TSO has requested the client assess the system response after short circuit fault or voltage and frequency deviations at 150 kV.  A series of response inputs were analysed against the set of network sequence of operations for voltage and frequency responses.

For the harmonic study, the expected voltage distortion at the site’s 150 KV PCC with the building energised were calculated. Results were evaluated and compared against the thresholds provided by the TSO.  The overall study included analysis of SLD’s, manufacturer harmonic emissions data (Powershelves, IACs and UPS units), and transmission system background harmonics provided by the TSO. LOCI diagrams produced outlined any harmonic distortion at each possible system impedance formed part of the analysis.

"The Premium Power team delivered a very accurate and detailed model and analysis of our particular system and its setup. This not only met our initial requirement of TSO compliance, but it has also given us all the information we need for future works". 
Senior Data Center Engineer

The Result

The client’s datacentre is due to be commissioned in about 18 months and its electrical system is fully modelled and available for analysis of how the datacentre electrical system will response to various events – once built.  The TSO are satisfied that the site, once energised will comply with the load and operational requirements for steady grid requirements.  This model is available to the client for further analysis when the site undertakes future expansion.

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