Arc Flash Risk Measurement & Reduction at a Power Station

We worked directly with AES to provide a detailed analysis of their electrical network, assess the protection grading throughout the station, evaluate the risk of arc flash hazard, and provide appropriate mitigation measures. Premium Power conducted a full survey of the electrical infrastructure and collated all information into an advanced power systems model.

Power Plant
Key Result
Improve the reliability of the electrical network and providing safer working conditions in electrical switch rooms.
Northern Ireland

The Challenge

Arc flash hazards at AES station C is a 600MW combined cycle gas turbine power station located in Ballylumford county Antrim. Electricity is generated at medium voltage (15kV) and converted to 275/110kV by step up transformers to meet Northern Ireland’s Electricity (NIE) transmission system requirements.

With the CCGT power station being one of the largest in NI, one of the main challenges was to assess the arc flash risk hazard across the entire site under several different switching and loading scenarios.

Once assessed the risk of arc flash occurrence to be managed and personnel trained on how this to be conducted.

How we Helped

Premium Power conducted a detailed analysis of the power stations electrical network. A software model of the electrical network was developed using advanced modelling software.

Arc flash analysis proved that there were several areas that required immediate action to mitigate against the high incident energy levels calculated at some locations. The resultant arc flash hazard levels to be reduced in severity where possible by changing protection settings.

The likelihood of an arc flash incident was assessed as part of task based electrical risk assessments.

Personnel were trained on awareness & risk management of arc flash hazards.

"Premium Power determined that it was advisable to introduce new protection settings at a number of locations, in order to improve the reliability of the electrical network, as well as providing safer working conditions in electrical switch rooms. Proposed protection settings were also provided in order to significantly reduce the severity of the potential arc flash hazard at a number of points along the network."
Barry Nicholson, Senior Electrical Engineer

The Result

The site was assessed for arc flash potential energy risk and the severity of this risk was reduced where possible. Site personnel were trained on managing arc flash by risk assessments which were developed and training giving.

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