Arc Flash Hazards & Risk Assessment – Gas Turbine Power Station

This case study concerns an arc flash study and risk assessment at a gas turbine power station located in the south of Ireland. This plant has a closed cycle gas turbine that can produce up to 535.5 MVA at 19000 volts. There are various levels of voltage handled throughout the plant including 19 kV, 6.6kV, 220kV, 20Kv and 400 Volts. There is also a significant DC network to provide backup to critical loads.


This plant had a corporate requirement to assess arc flash hazards. Compliance with technical company standards was required with respect to specific corporate methodology. The facility required electrical risk assessments to be produced to ensure work is carried out in a safe manner and electrical safety training was required for operative staff.


Premium Power delivered a comprehensive arc flash report detailing the incident energy levels at all the locations in the plant using SKM power tools software package. All of the electrical equipment at various voltage bands were assessed under a range of different switching scenarios for their short circuit withstand capability. Task and location specific risk assessments were produced to the highest standards. A full electrical safety training programme was rolled out among operators.

"This plant is a good example of a facility tasked with carrying out an arc flash hazard assessment while keeping within specific corporate methodology. It's very satisfying as electrical safety specialists to see procedural changes as a result of arc flash assessment as well as improved electrical reliability" 
George Mokl, Electrical Engineer


  • Recommended protection changes enabled the reduction of high incident energy levels across the plant
  • Procedural changes as a result of the arc flash assessment were implemented leading to a safer working environment
  • Protection coordination was improved which enhanced electrical reliability across the site.
  • Operators now have the necessary awareness of the risks when working on electrical equipment due to their electrical safety training.


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