"Over the years we have fostered and developed a number of relationships with utilities and other high power users. This is one example of where our expertise and specific knowledge in the area of power quality can be seen."

Alan O'Kelly

ESB Networks Grid Power Quality Solution

ESB Networks is the Distribution System Operator in the Republic of Ireland. We have worked closely with ESB Networks for over a decade to provide and support a country wide power quality and power monitoring solution.

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Grid Consultants

Project Description

We integrated a large number of metering devices into the PMS. This gave us the ability to measure and monitor EN50160 and grid code compliance across a huge number of sites. We have supported ESB Networks in customising the system to address many challenges.

In recent years the dramatic increase in penetration of renewable energy has placed new and challenging demands on ESB Networks. In 2012 we worked together to write a software system that would allow powerful reporting and analytics of the network. This software solution was delivered on time and budget and has been expanded since to include the monitoring of many advanced grid performance attributes.

Project Challenges

ESB Networks is the Distribution System Operator in the Republic of Ireland. They needed help supplying and supporting a country wide power quality and power monitoring solution. 10 years on and we are still maintaining and managing the network, which of this size has presented unique communication and configuration challenges.

Project Outcomes

The result was the development of our powerful Decision Metrix platform. The Decision Metrix Compliance module allows users embed the rules used to evaluate Power Quality performance across a network including standards such as EN 50160 and G5/4. It was designed to import the data from PQ systems and to evaluate meter performance against Power Quality and Grid Compliance standards.

Integration with third party systems can be very challenging for data quality. Understanding the data used to measure compliance is critical. Decision Metrix uses a customisable set of rules to determine the data quality to an acceptable standard. Breaches of minimum standards are clearly flagged clearly for users to see.

Understanding which network points need an engineer’s attention is critical when monitoring a network Power Quality. Decision Metrix uses appropriate KPI to identify which network points are failing to comply and also highlights trending information which can be critical in identifying emerging problems.


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