“This project highlights the importance of power system modelling. Without knowing the magnitude of the arc flash hazard, it would have been impossible to design it out and reduce the risk. The analysis led to the design of simple and cost effective control measures that could ultimately prevent serious injury or fatality to the electrical operators on site.”

Barry Nicholson
Associate Director

Arc Flash Programme for Global Data Centre

We worked with a multinational data centre engineering team to develop an arc flash programme that has since been implemented on multiple client sites in Europe. By building the facilities electrical network in an advanced power modeling software, we performed arc flash analysis using the IEEE 1584 calculation method and short circuit analysis in accordance with IEC.

Project Details


Multinational IT & Cloud Computing



Premium Power Role:

Arc Flash & Electrical Safety Consultant

Project Description

By developing a co-op between us and their engineering team, a full review of the electrical system was performed to validate the installed electrical equipment. Using SKM Power Tool software, our engineers simulated the electrical system before conducting extensive arc flash analysis. Arc flash analysis proved that there were a number of areas that required immediate action to mitigate against the high incident energy levels.

Project Challenges

Being a US multinational operating out of Europe, one of the main challenges was to achieve compliance with EU health and safety requirements as well as meet the demands of the client’s global corporate standard, which was heavily linked to US electrical standards. To calculate the magnitude/severity of a potential arc flash hazard it is critical that the correct information be used during the modelling exercise. The hi-tech data centre electrical network had over 400 electrical panels with the number of electrical components to be assessed and modelled exceeding 1000 bus.

Project Outcomes

By identifying the magnitude of the arc flash hazard, suitable arc flash mitigation was designed and applied to significantly reduce the severity of the potential hazard. While reviewing the site’s existing protection coordination for the purpose of arc flash mitigation, additional protection setting recommendations were made to enhance site reliability while achieving safer working conditions for electrical personnel.


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