Training aim

To increase awareness and understanding of Arc Flash hazard and risk control in the workplace.


Understanding of:

  • Arc flash hazard, including its causes, and the risks to OH&S and the wider business
  • The fundamental legal duties imposed on employers, the self-employed, designers and employees relating to arc flash
  • The applicability of Irish and globally-recognised standards and guides to arc flash risk assessment and risk control
  • The comprehensive 4P approach to arc flash risk assessment and risk control
  • Criteria relating to the selection and use of arc rated PPE
  • Myths and misconceptions relating to arc flash
  • Mitigation techniques

Module 1. Arc flash hazard awareness

Learning Objectives

In this module, our objectives are to explain arc flash and how it is initiated. To understand the consequences to the workers affected by the phenomenon. Students will learn where arc flash is likely to occur and what influences the likelihood and severity of an incident. Students will learn about the globally relevant standards and key Irish and European legislation. Students will learn how to understand arc flash labels and how to understand what PPE should be worn. This includes a demonstration on typical PPE.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the student will have a good understanding of the arc flash hazard, it’s causes, consequences and factors which affect its likelihood and its severity.  Students will understand the legal framework relevant to arc flash and the standards which are key to understanding the degree of the hazard and its treatment. Students will understand how to read arc flash warning labels and how to protect themselves adequately using the appropriate PPE.

Module 2. Arc flash hazard mitigation

Learning Objectives

We discuss the key approaches to addressing arc flash hazard. Students will learn the steps to performing an arc flash study. Students will learn how the results of a study are used in assessing risk controls.

Students will learn about the full range of risk controls including technological, administrative and behavioral.   This section will include demonstration of typical PPE used and discussion on the limitations and relevance of PPE in addressing electrical safety.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the student will have a good understanding of how an arc flash study is performed and of how the outputs of a study should be interpreted. Students will understand how technological, administrative and behavioral risk controls can be used to address, reduce and protect workers from the hazard.


About the course

Arc flash is perhaps the least understood, and yet one of the most dangerous hazards in the workplace. This training course sets out to raise awareness and understanding of this hazard, and its potentially very grave consequences for both worker safety and the wider business. It discusses the main legal duties of employers and managers who have responsibility for electrical work, and the role of published standards and guides therein by reference case law. Training also includes detailed discussion of the factors to be taken into account during risk assessment, and the measures essential to mitigate arc flash risks.

Course duration

Half day

Gain CPD points

0.5 CPD points may be claimed on completion

Who should attend

Employers; the self-employed; engineering managers, supervisors, electrical engineers and electrical trades persons and technicians; designers of electrical networks.

How to book

Call +353 (0)1 810 5032 or email