The  2nd Arc Flash & Isolation Safety Conference organised by IDC Technologies was held in the Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester last week.

The objective of this conference was to provide delegates with the latest developments and best practice to deal with arc flash hazards and isolation safety issues.

Expert speakers from the UK, United States, Australia and ourselves. Papers were presented over the course of two days with some very lively discussions in between.

Delegates from the utility, transport and industrial sectors across Europe attended and contributed to the discussions with the sector perspectives regarding the dealing with arc flash and isolation issues.

Premium Power’s paper on “Managing the Risks associated with Electrical Arc Flash” was presented by Andrew Hogan and was very well received.

Discussions on the topic as well as industry trends, standards developments and new techniques to handle existing electrical safety threats carried on well into the late hours with a very enjoyable networking session in the the hotel bar.

Overall, it was reassuring to see that awareness of arc flash is on the increase. Likewise, the speakers from different parts of the world were assigned in terms of proper treatment and adoption of the latest revisions in standards.

Thank you to IDC Technolgies for organising the event, to the high calibre of speakers who presented and the delegates who contributed to discussions.